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Our Mission
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Our mission is to become the leading business personality in Brick Field, Briquettes, Agro Supplies and other realted business.

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Our Vision
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Our Vision is to make develop our nation through our root of farming. We are heading towards rural development by providing them better solutions

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If you want to join u in our business, or if you have any good business proposal, then we are always open for healthy business relationship

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Products We Have
What We Do


It helps in ploughing field either it is wet land or a dry land..


Harrow helps in ploughing field that have only dry land.



Cultivator is mainly used to plough the corners of the field.


Digger is a mordern machine that helps a farmer in seeding potato.


We are manufacturer of king & large size trolly. We accept instant order.

Disk Plow

Disk Plow is mainly used to make the path of the water in the field.


Leveler is basically used to level the ups and downs of the field.


Thresar helps in departing wheat and rusk from wheat plant